Thursday, January 17, 2008

January 11, 2008 Lesotho

Good morning sunshine!!

I am just back from the border. It is 6:38 am Friday. Aunt Nancy and I got up this morning and drove to the top of one of the lookouts, Lancer's Gap, here in town to watch an African sunrise. We caught it just in time too; there was a short gap in the clouds for us to see. Bright orange against a pale grey sky, with big white birds flapping their wings to get up speed. Psalm 19 was on her heart, we didn't bring a Bible with us, so I wanted to look it up just now. It has refreshed me this morning. I will be picked up by Barb Clark, Jewels of Hope coordinator at 10 and head toward Ladybrand

Last night was my last night here in Lesotho. We ate Papa and Moroho (roll the r), which is similar to eating grits and cabbage. It was very much more appetizing to the mouth than you think. My cousins showed me the way you eat it is by rolling a small ball of it with your right hand and scooping up beans and cabbage with it in your hand. For breakfast in a few minutes we
will have what Frank has been cooking. a big pot of Lesheleshele, sorghum porridge. Yes, Frank is like Daddy, an early riser and breakfast connoisseur. I am encouraged after having insightful conversations with Frank and Nancy over the past 4 days. Laughter is soul food too! We have
had much! Horseback riding on Wednesday and experiencing the mountains here. AND the people! Wonderful faces all over.

I am not sure if I will have access to the internet after today. From what it sounds like, I will be working with the trainers of the children, those who will mentor these orphans, almost like a camp. There is so much to tell already just from this past week. So many of you would just love it here.

Until then,
Julie Anna

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