Thursday, January 17, 2008

January 16, 2008

I only have 3 minutes to write, we are out of power here.

It is funny, the power is out right now, so bugs are crawling all over the screen because it is the only light. The kids of the missionaries are playing cards behind me on the floor, with their South African accents. Makes me laugh.

Thanks for your picture of jewelry design. It came through. The idea is great, we may have to adapt it a little to a style easier for the kids, but something similar.
I have been hearing your encouraging voice in my head. This work is fun and fulfilling, I can't wait to tell you!! It is labor intensive though, time in the Word and sleep have been HUGE necessities, more so (sadly) than at home.


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Rethabile said...


Hope you had a good time in Lesotho.