Thursday, January 17, 2008

January 15, 2008

This picture is of Gill, pronouced Jill, my British roomie. She too came over here listening, to find God's call for her right now and the next chapter of her life. She has been traveling here for 6 weeks and has 6 more to go. When she leaves here, she will go to an orphanage in Mosambique. She has been a blessing to me, she reminds me of Melinda. (Makes me miss my Australian Mate!)

We are sorting beads again today, and will go visit the kids where we were yesterday again this afternoon at 4:30. And again tomorrow we will do the same. Thursday is the day that Anita wants to go to "town" to the bead shop. Could you send this request to Alex and also Sharon... Any simple bead designs that are classy, and eye catching. Many of the people who have been buying want a mixture of African styles and also American, that will be worn in the states. I have some ideas, and have no problems with the color combinations. If they have any suggestions for the design structure of the necklace or earrings, it would be welcomed! It would be exciting if they could send any ideas... to this email address.

Thank you for your prayers, I have just started to take lots of echinecea and Vit C.

It is so funny, they call semi-trucks "Lorrie Trucks" or just "Lorries" and they have been driving by the road here today. Some of the folks here have been saying "the Lorries are being so loud" or "is that a Lorrie I hear?" Makes me smile. I love you sister.

This kind of work is like running a marathon, I just keep thinking about the Lord and what He did for me.

Lunch is ready.

I Love you!!

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